An access to your data in real time, wherever you are.

You can now access to your ZOHO data in real time from any device, even your smartphone.

Installed in 3 minutes!

A complete suite of precise and clear KPIs.

The KPIs of BI APP allow an easy following of your most important business data.

  • Sales trends
  • Sales by product and service
  • Sales by rep
  • Sales by territory
  • Top 10 sales
  • Campaign performance
  • Pipeline by stage
  • Sales vs purchases
  • Client satisfaction rate

Installed in 3 minutes!

One of the main advantages of BI APP is its simple installation. You'll need only 3 minutes to install it!

Quick, easy and free!

So easy to use! Everything is ready!

It has never been easier to take advantage of a BI solution. As soon as BI APP is connected to your ZOHO software, you are ready to use it and perform.

KPIs included

All key performance indicators you need are already included.

Integrated reports

Produce the needed report on demand, quickly and easily.

“Plug & Play”

Easy to install and connects to your data with a click.
Installed in 3 minutes!

Alerts that inform you of everything.

BI APP alerts keep you informed of any change in a situation that you want to follow closely.

Never miss anything.


Because performance means nothing without data security.

BI APP uses the best and the most secure hosting servers in the world to protect your business data and optmize your app performance.

They love BI APP!

BI APP enables us to monitor our sales and financial evolution in real time on our mobile devices. It helps us make informed decisions and it optimizes the management of our company!
Charles Desjardins
Charles Desjardins
Lafond, Desjardins and associates

I have loved BI APP since day one! This is a simple but complete BI solution that offers me everything I need and all I was looking for. It's well thought out, well designed and unbelievably easy to use!
Edouard Tobossou
Edouard Tobossou
Economist and Social entrepreneur

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Download BI APP for free on Apple Store or Google Play. Download also the userguide to help you get started quickly.

  • 3 minutes to install
  • 17 KPIs included
  • No installation cost
  • No obligation
  • No credit card needed
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